Treasurer Josh Mandel and Ohio's Public University Leaders Announce Launch of First Public University Checkbooks on

COLUMBUS, May 16 - Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, Inter-University Council President Bruce Johnson, Bowling Green State University President Mary Ellen Mazey and Central State University Vice President of Administration and Finance & CFO Curtis Pettis announced today the launch of Bowling Green State University and Central State University's online checkbooks on

Renacci and Gibbs vote to take away health coverage from nearly one million Ohioans

Trumpcare would slash Medicaid and raise premiums on seniors to pay for tax giveaway to the wealthy

COLUMBUS, May 4 - U.S. Representatives Jim Renacci and Bob Gibbs voted today to take away health insurance from nearly one million Ohioans, jeopardize coverage for 1.9 million Ohioans with pre-existing conditions, raise premiums for seniors, slash Medicaid by $880 billion and give away a huge tax break to the wealthiest Americans.