Ashtabula County Port Authority: Working to increase the county’s economic growth


JEFFERSON - The Ashtabula County Port Authority (ACPA) has increased its leverage to bring economic growth along with jobs to the county since its formation more than a few decades ago. In 2006 to 2009, the ACPA Board bought the abandoned First Energy, Inc., Plant C in Ashtabula Township, acquiring the water intake system used by about six industrial plants along Lake Road and vital to keeping over 1,500 jobs intact.

Answering the call: Northwest Ambulance District

by Penni Schaefer

GENEVA - For many area emergency medical response agencies, being prepared to deploy personnel to disasters has almost become commonplace. Such is the case for the Northwest Ambulance District (NAD)
in Geneva.

Community Care Ambulance crews arrived late Thursday Night in Tallahassee Florida to assist in Hurricane Irma relief. CCA crew members Mike Ferron, Ken Olp, Jonathan Richardson , Kyle Hammon, Jesse Carpurso, Sam McKee are pictured with other crews from around the US

Answering the call: Ashtabula County rescue personnel played a role in Hurricane Katrina


As the Hurricane Harvey relief effort in Texas wrap up and Irma gets into full swing, the destruction and chaos are reminiscent to many Ashtabula County emergency personnel who – exactly 12 years ago this week – found themselves en route to Louisiana in response to Hurricane Katrina.