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Spring cleaning in the village

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JEFFERSON - Just like it’s spring cleaning for the home, the Village of Jefferson also has been cleaning up for spring.

Recycling in Jefferson to begin May 5

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JEFFERSON - Some Village of Jefferson residents received a surprise Friday, when their recycling containers showed up at their homes.

Jefferson Police make significant heroin bust

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JEFFERSON – Calling it the “most significant heroin bust” in Jefferson to date, the Jefferson Police Department arrested Javonte Lacy and Joshua Hunter in the Thornes Hometown Market Place, also known as BiLo, parking lot.

“We have actually stepped up patrols of all of the pharmacies in the village primarily for illegal pseudoephedrine sales for the production of meth,” Jefferson Police Chief Dave Wassie said. “It was a significant problem at our Drug Mart store and we expanded that to our Rite Aid store and the pharmacy at BiLo.”


Plenty of opportunities for Easter Egg hunting on the way

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ASHTABULA COUNTY - The only thing more fun than watching children hunt for Easter Eggs could be watching dogs hunt for Easter Eggs. Over the next few weeks, there will be multiple opportunities to enjoy traditional and not-so-traditional Easter Eggs hunts.

First up this weekend is the Geneva Easter Fest. The newly formed Connect 534 is organizing the event.

“This is something new that we hope becomes an annual event,” event organizer Sarah Bals said.

The event will take place on April 12. Starting at 10 a.m., for $1 you can have a picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Magic Jack will also be performing.


Ashtabula resident Glen W. Warner has written a book called “Meeting the WORD in the World.”

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ASHTABULA – For over 40 years, Glen W. Warner has been a part of the Ashtabula community. Warner worked for Molded Fiber Glass and as an ordained minister for several churches, including First Congregational Church in Jefferson and Second Congregational in Ashtabula.

The recently retired Warner has published “Meeting the WORD in the World.” The book combines Warners love of nature and travel with his love from scripture. The book includes a forward by Gospel artist Sandi Patti.


Geneva residents can start bringing yard waste to Saybrook Soil & Compost

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GENEVA – The contract has been signed and Geneva City residents can start taking their yard waste to Saybrook Soil & Compost, located at 8050 Depot Road.

City Manager Jim Pearson and Saybrook Soil & Compost finalized the three-year contract on April 3. The city will pay Saybrook Soil & Compost $2,000 per year each year of the contract. The city could have signed a one-year contract for $2,500 or a two-year contract for a total of $4,500.

Students triple fundraising goal, get to duct tape a teacher to the wall

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ASHTABULA Admit it - seeing a teacher duct taped to a wall is pretty funny. However, knowing the full story is rather touching.

Last year the students at Superior Intermediate supported the fight against cancer but took a low-key approach. They used Pennies for Patients boxes to collect pennies and raised close to $500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

This year student council wanted a more personal response from the rest of the student body. In addition to the boxes, paper pennies were sold as well under the name of Stuck for Buck with the prize being the class that raised the most money would get to duct tape a teacher to a wall.


Ashtabula holds three meetings on police levy

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ASHTABULA – The city held three Police Levy informational town hall meetings last week. The meetings took place at St. Peter’s Church, People’s Baptist Church and Zion Lutheran Church.

The meetings were designed to educate citizens on the city’s position in support of Issue 4, which is a 2.5-mills police levy. Each session also included question-and-answer sessions in which attendees could directly speak to city officials including City Manager Jim Timonere and Police Chief Robert Stell. Several city officials and council members also attended the sessions and were available to answer questions as well.


Current budget will have major impact on Sheriff’s Department’s services

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JEFFERSON – Ashtabula County Sheriff William Johnson requested $5,768,313 as his budget from the Ashtabula County Board of Commissioners. He received $5,200,000 after having expenses of $5,318,536,38 last year.

The lack of money available will have a pretty direct impact on the department and the services it can provide to the citizens of the county.

The Ashtabula Sheriff Department’s Jail is the only full-time jail in the county. The jail on average houses between 145-165 inmates on a daily basis, and that number will need to be reduced about a third.


Opal House appreciative of the community’s support

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JEFFERSON – Opal House founder Cheryle McCourt admits that she felt some trepidation about opening a sobriety house for women in Jefferson.

“There is often a stigma attached the people who live at sobriety houses and they are often received negatively,” McCourt said. “So I was surprised at how Jefferson has welcomed us with open arms. It has been great. I love this community. They have been very supportive.”

For the women who live at Opal House, having the support of the community helps them in the process of putting their lives back together.

“These girls are so used to be talked down to and degraded,” McCourt said. “Jeffersons support helps raise their self esteem and they start to feel better about themselves.”


ADDA working for a safer and more appealing downtown

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ASHTABULA – While it still has several big dreams on the horizon, the Ashtabula Downtown Development Association has made significant progress on making Downtown Ashtabula a more desirable location for businesses.
“The challenges we face downtown I equate to herding cats,” Ultimate Appearance Hair Salon’s Jane Haines said. “I think we have heard a few cats. It only takes a few people with passion to make changes.”