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Rogue pilot disturbs Edinboro Lake patrons

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EDINBORO – Residents of the Lakeside area of Edinboro Borough and patrons of Edinboro Lake love to enjoy the quiet serenity that the picturesque lake provides. Whether it is sitting on one of the benches that overlook the lake while reading a book or cruising around on a boat while enjoying time with friends and family, the lake provides a safe and quiet place to have a good time.


That is until recently, when a renegade pilot in a prop plane began flying extremely close to the lake, making several residents nervous.

According to T. Jemetz, manager for the Home Rule Borough of Edinboro, he has received several complaints about the plane and how close it is flying above the water.

“I received several complaints from residents along the Lakeside area concerning the pilot,” said Jemetz. “He has visited the area several times this summer and each time he would dive his aircraft towards boaters on Edinboro Lake. This was scary and upsetting to some boaters and other onlookers.”

One resident that is extremely concerned with the height that the aircraft is flying over the lake is Frank Denk.

According to Denk, he has witnessed the aircraft on several occasions flying close enough to the lake that the pilot could have clipped someone on a boat.

“It is very dangerous what this pilot is doing,” said Denk, who added that he believed that the aircraft is unregistered. “It seems to be a homemade prop plane and has a small enough engine that it doesn’t have to be registered.”

He added that someone needs to inform the pilot just how reckless he is being.

“Someone could be seriously hurt if he loses control of his plane,” said Denk, who added that he did not believe an aircraft of that size required a pilot’s license.

In an effort to relieve some of the fear that boaters and area residents have, Edinboro Borough is asking that anyone who has knowledge of who the pilot is to contact the borough office at (814) 734-1712.

Chris Roth may be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or at (814) 756-4133.

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