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BREAKING NEWS: ODE releases McCormack consent agreement

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JEFFERSON – Former Jefferson Area High School coach Don McCormack signed a consent agreement with the Ohio Department of Education.
The document suspends McCormack’s four-year educational aide permit issued in 2013 and three-year pupil activity permit issued in 2012. McCormack waived his right to participate in any further proceedings and to have a formal hearing with counsel. McCormack agreed not to use his credentials and return them to the ODE. He agreed to not reapply for any license, permit or certificate with the Ohio Department of Education. If McCormack is not convicted or found to be immoral, incompetent, negligent or guilty of other conduct unbecoming of his position, disciplinary action will not be held against him. McCormack agreed to release the State Board and ODE, its members, employees, agents, officers and representative from any liability or proceed with any action to recover attorney fees. McCormack acknowledged he had a chance to ask questions and all of his questions were answered. He has to notify the ODE within 30 days of any move. If convicted of a crime, McCormack must notify the ODE within two weeks. Any new information will be considered and the ODE can reopen the Consent Agreement for future consideration.
McCormack signed the agreement on Aug. 17. Ohio Superintendent Dr. Richard A. Ross signed the agreement on Aug. 28, allowing it to be released to the media.
Ohio Department of Education Associate Director for Media Relations John Charlton was not allowed to confirm or deny an investigation while it was ongoing. When Ross signed the agreement, the Consent Agreement was made available to the media.

Commissioners increase funding for Summer Youth Employment Program

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JEFFERSON - The Ashtabula County Board of Commissioners voted to increase funding for the Summer Youth Employment Program through the Ashtabula County Department of Job and Family Services during its meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 26.

Weather Warning feature added to CodeRED system

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JEFFERSON - The Ashtabula County Board of Commissioners celebrated the launch of a Weather Warning Upgrade to the CodeRED system during its meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 26.

Two programs coming back to JALS

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JEFFERSON - Thanks to interest and efforts of the community, two programs will be returning to Jefferson Area Local Schools this school year.

Two openings on HMPL Board of Trustees

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JEFFERSON - The Henderson Memorial Public Library Association announced recently the availability of two positions on the Board of Trustees.