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Aesthetics win over revenue

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MADISON TOWNSHIP - After further consideration GT Mobile’s proposal to place a cell tower on a section of Rabbit Run Theater grounds owned by the Township, Board of Trustees Chair Ken Gauntner stated he did not believe it was an appropriate location. He thinks it is too close to the buildings.
The company chose the location because

Conneaut Township Park Levy on November Ballot

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Township Park Renewal Levy Will Be on November Ballot

Gazette Newspaper

CONNEAUT – Voters will be asked to renew in November a five-year .99 mill levy for operating funds for Conneaut Township Park.

Kingsville Township Park Sign May Get Make-Over

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KINGSVILLE - The “Welcome to Kingsville” sign in Kingsville Township Park may be getting a make-over.

South Ridge Christian Academy Warned of Friendly Fire

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Gazette Newspapers

CONNEAUT – South Ridge Christian Academy commencement speaker the Rev. Gabriel Clyde, pastor of East Conneaut Wesleyan Methodist Church, surprised many attending Friday night’s ceremony at South Ridge Baptist Church by stating that it was the first time he had walked through the door of a Baptist Church.

Update: Lakeside Junior High student killed in Saybrook train accident

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Gazette Newspapers
SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP – Fourteen-year-old Devlin Tomsic – a Lakeside Junior High School student – was killed May 18 at 9:08 a.m. while walking along the train tracks near the intersection with Sanborn Rd. in Saybrook Township.

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