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New Kent State president visits Ashtabula campus first day on the job

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ASHTABULA - Dr. Beverly Warren’s first day on the job as the new Kent State University president was July 1.  Just moments after 1 p.m., Warren arrived at Kent State University at Ashtabula with 13 other high-ranking Kent State officials for a tour of the campus.
When Warren was hired in January, she stated one of her goals was to unite each of the eight campuses of Kent State University as one university.
As Warren and her group arrived, she was greeted by the very enthusiastic group of Ashtabula faculty and staff. There was even a mascot on hand with a welcome sign.
No one seemed happier than Dr. Susan Stocker, the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer of the Ashtabula Campus. Stocker gave Warren a big hug before inviting the whole contingent inside for a tour.
“I can’t express how excited we are to have her here on her first day,” Stocker said. “It is such a thrill and we are so honored.”

Warren appreciated the warm welcome.
“One of things I said in January was that I really wanted to learn about the regional campuses so I could not be more excited to be here,” Warren said. “Ashtabula is the first regional campus on the Presidential Listening Tour. We are very excited to be here. We know they are great things happening. I am looking forward to listening and learning and really continuing to pull together as one Kent State University.”
Joining Warren for her visit were Board of Trustees Dennis Eckart, six Deans and six Executive Officer Vice Presidents. Stocker and members of the Ashtabula campus Dean’s Cabinet toured the group through each building on campus and pointed out newly renovated areas, along with areas slated for renovation in the coming years. 
After the tour, Dean Stocker presented a “Points of Pride” presentation to inform the group about the Ashtabula community, the Ashtabula campus, Kent State Ashtabula students and faculty, and how the community and the campus work together.  The presentation focused on Kent State Ashtabula’s support of their students and the many opportunities that the faculty offers students through study abroad, internships, and real world experiences working with area businesses. 
Information was shared about demographic trends in the county and major industries in the area.  Special focus was given to the healthcare and hospitality and wine industries. 
The trip continued on Wednesday afternoon as Warren met with members of the hospitality and wine industry for a luncheon at Ferrante Winery.  Presenters talked about how Kent State Ashtabula’s hospitality management and wine degrees support two main industries in the county.

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