Erie Bank: Innovation in service through empowering people


ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP - The Erie Bank branch on State Road in Ashtabula Township doesn’t offer products or services any different than any other bank in Ashtabula County – as Dave Bogardus, vice president of commercial lending there, will tell you – but it does offer a different philosophy when it comes to how those services are delivered.

Infinity Resources: Building a workforce


SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP – Infinity Resources, Inc. is known for its staffing services, but now the company has enlarged its focus to not only helping companies hire employees, but also to helping those employees prepare themselves for the workforce.

Ashtabula County Port Authority: Working to increase the county’s economic growth


JEFFERSON - The Ashtabula County Port Authority (ACPA) has increased its leverage to bring economic growth along with jobs to the county since its formation more than a few decades ago. In 2006 to 2009, the ACPA Board bought the abandoned First Energy, Inc., Plant C in Ashtabula Township, acquiring the water intake system used by about six industrial plants along Lake Road and vital to keeping over 1,500 jobs intact.